Retrospection of Divine Carnality

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    Jade Buddha at Bodhifest. #peace #love #light

    Jade Buddha at Bodhifest. #peace #love #light

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    Divine feminine.

    Divine feminine.

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    Stumbling upon old flicks…if only direct eye contact were this easy when one’s breath is in arm’s reach…

    Stumbling upon old flicks…if only direct eye contact were this easy when one’s breath is in arm’s reach…

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    God to my Goddess.

    God to my Goddess.

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    Once upon a time in Brooklyn. Gentrification approved. Thank you to @destroyrebuildny for keeping me relevant. Hahaha. #art #destroyrebuild #therottenapple #Brooklyn #ILoveNY

    Once upon a time in Brooklyn. Gentrification approved. Thank you to @destroyrebuildny for keeping me relevant. Hahaha. #art #destroyrebuild #therottenapple #Brooklyn #ILoveNY

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    Astral projection in color.

    Astral projection in color.

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    Nature vs. Nurture

    Well, I’d like to suggest that perhaps there is no versus, for they are equally influential and really just different expressions of the same thought, the same idea. That idea being YOU. For if time does not exist, they are but representative conditions of the same moment existing and being perceived in divine union on different planes within the same space. A masterpiece so grand and complex…it’s just our eyes can only register but a brush stroke at a time. But the brush strokes that compose the masterpiece are still simultaneously existing amongst one canvas, interwoven, layered in that corner way up there or that corner wayyyy over there…it’s just way too massive of a canvas for us to see it all at once (hence our need for the concept of time and it really just being how we perceive space). As above, so below. Furthermore indicating that your spark, your drive, motivating force, divine will, soul and spirit are a coherent fusion, cause and effect, chicken and egg existing at one moment. It is the alignment of the stars, the love from our immediate surroundings growing up, the influence of our parents, our peers, the lines in our hands, the numerological significance of our birth dates, your environment from 3-5 years of age, the name you were given…and so much more. This absolutely immaculate puzzle that we wished we had eyes big enough to see… And all these various factors, this journey of psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual growth, they are all co-existing representations of the same symphony, and you, you are the conductor, the student, the teacher, the player, the writer…all. at. once…Gnarly

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    Engagement.  Shall we?
Artist - Any helpers?

    Engagement.  Shall we?

    Artist - Any helpers?

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    UPDATED: 166 Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness - →
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    My nails are long, gracefully sharp, slightly offensive, painted some color that doesn’t fit into the scheme of conventional polish,
    and entirely real.
    They hurt.
    And you may like it a bit.
    At least I will.

    I wear bras.
    Thankfully I have accepted the beauty of being a minimalist up top.
    Art breasts, I call them.
    Low-cut, side boob, a hint of under cleavage and aereola shadows.
    I get away with them all.
    Because no matter what, due to the lack of surface area being displayed, my fleshy exhibition is still tastefully conservative.
    Keeping perverse imaginations tame.

    My hair is wild.
    Long, untamed and indecisive…
    much like its owner.
    I comb it with my fingers, when it’s wet, and on occasion.
    The occasions are far and few.

    I speak filthy.
    And have an exceptionally broad vocabulary.
    Generally broader and applied in a more contextually appropriate manner than those who seem to be appalled by such dirty words coming from such a pretty mouth.
    What the ‘F’ is that all about?
    ‘Fuck’, just say it. You’ll feel better.
    Your filthy intention is still there. Own it. Don’t be a coward. Face your fears.

    I enjoy fashion.
    Clothes, not so much.
    Ideas are cool. Textures, patterns, lines.
    Visually assimilated in the name of flyness.
    Material dependency and maintenance on the other hand…
    Entirely too time consuming. Five minutes less spent on getting ready is five minutes more frolicking freely in my skin. My sensory receptors like to get intimate with their surroundings.

    The same goes for the application of makeup.
    Plus I have finally come to terms with my freckles.
    They deserve liberation after years of unjust oppression.
    bright red and exceptionally dark lips do my bidding quite nicely and make those filthy words I spoke of earlier gleam with life.

    I am imperfect,
    insecure, awkward and confused at times
    and have the best intentions set forth.
    More likely than not I will make the both of us feel uncomfortable at some interaction down the road.
    This could be intentional.
    But probably not.
    I am going to mess up and may even upset you.
    But I will apologize and mean it whole heartedly.
    The same goes with forgiveness.

    I am ripe.
    Slightly bruised, tainted,
    exceptionally sweet and bursting of seeds full of potential.
    I like who I am.
    Even when I do things that I don’t like.
    Because I try. And I’m honest. With myself.

    Pleased to meet you.

    - Moi aka Jessica Freites

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